Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of improved performance, growth and sustainable value creation.

The company shall adopt a common and integrated approach to the management of risk such that knowledge and experience is shared and risk management becomes embedded in all our activities and the way we work.

Effective risk management reduces uncertainty giving more confidence in reducing threats and pursuing opportunities and enabling us to be more decisive in pursuing our Vision, Mission and Goals, while taking into account the risk appetite of the company.

The Risk Department is accountable for this Policy and responsible for the management of strategic risks.  The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Management Team are responsible for business unit and group functions risks and implementing this policy through a common and integrated risk management framework and programme.

The risk management framework and programme shall:

  • Align strategy, work processes, people, technology and knowledge.
  • Promote risk awareness by all managers and employees and improve risk transparency to stakeholders and shareholders.
  • Maximise (create, protest and enhance) shareholder value by pro-actively managing risks that may impact on the achievement of objectives and by exploiting opportunities that represent the greatest returns on investment.
  • Improve our ability to deliver high quality products and services and to compete globally.
  • Support the business growth strategy and continuously monitor and effectively manage the risks inherent in new investments and business.
  • Implement a risk financing strategy and monitor the total cost of risk.
  • Ensure that management understand and accept responsibility for managing any risks that may impact on their key performance areas or the achievement of objectives and that all employees take responsibility for managing the health, safety, environment and quality risks inherent in their work.

The realisation of this Policy is achieved by the understanding, acceptance and implementation of a Risk Management Framework and Programme, which is reviewed on an ongoing basis so as to assure its efficiency and effectiveness.  This framework will be aligned with best international risk management practice.

Health and Safety

CBI Electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Ltd manufactures Copper and Optical Fibre Telecommunication Cable, Cable Accessories and Infrastructure Build.
We recognize the excellence in the management of safety and health as an integral part of our business.  The company’s Health and Safety Policy provides the foundation for the company’s commitment to improving health and safety

CBI Electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Ltd manufactures Copper and Optical Fibre Telecommunication Cables and Cable Accessories.

We will at all times strive to engage in a value added partnership with our customers, providing a product or service of the highest quality enhancing the long-term profitability and growth of our company.  This will be achieved through continuous improvement of all products, systems and services that we supply to a global market.  We have an integrated Risk Management System, which covers all risk related systems in the Company.


CBI Electric:  Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Ltd manufactures Copper and Optical Fibre Telecommunication Cables, Cable Accessories and Infrastructure Build.

We believe that the quality of air, water and soil should be protected for the continued benefit of all ecosystems.  In this way, the needs of present and future generations will be met.  This will be  achieved through continual improvement, prevention of pollution in all activities and services we carry out and in products manufactured by our organization.

Environmental Commitments

We are committed to setting annual environmental objectives and targets, and these are periodically revised and reviewed.  Consideration is taken of the views of interested parties during the revision.

We monitor and audit our environmental performance regarding the services, activities and products according to ISO 14001, applicable  Legislation, CBI
Electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables Environmental Management Program and other requirements to which the company subscribes to .