Cable Accessories and Ducts

Sub Ducts & Micro Ducts

Micro duct systems provides a fast efficient means of builing a fibre optic network deploying micro ducts with multiple high count fibre optic cables. Micro ducts are deployed where future network expansion is expected. The micro duct is ideal for new installation methods and provides the oppertunity to any company to add fibre cable at any time.

Slack Bins for Optical Fibre Cable

The optical Fibre Slack Binis a moulded polyethylene storage bin designed for safe and easy storage of optical Fibre cable slack on either aerial or underground routes

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Optical Fibre Cable Assemblies

CBI Telecoms produces optical fibre terminals, patch chords and tails, using a variety of connectora for single and multinode optical fibre.

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Optical Fibre and Copper Cable Joint Closures

Easy Access Joint Closure is a watertight re-enterable splice and jointing system for both copper and optical fibre cables.

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