Copper Telecommunication Cables

CBI Electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables offers both air core and filled core polyethylene insulated copper telecommunications cables with a broad range of pair sizes up to 2400 pairs for the distribution of telecommunications signals in the outside plant. Filled core copper telecommunications cables are available in designs using either solid polyethylene insulation or foamed polyethylene insulation. These copper telecommunication cables can be installed into ducts, direct buried or aerially strung to a metallic messenger wire or can come equipped with a built-in messenger wire.

Depending upon the application optional sheathing designs can provide electrical shielding necessary for proper grounding and mechanical protection against rodent and other physical damage. For more mechanical robust applications such as in mining and in railway communications networks steel wire armouring (SWA) and or steel tape is available. A black UV stabilised and weather resistant polyethylene sheath is used on all constructions for the protection against long term outdoor exposure.

CBI Electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables outside plant copper telecommunications cables are IEC 60708 compliant for both standard voice frequency and data services up to 1 MHz. For state of the art digital subscriber line (xDSL) technologies a wide range of copper telecommunications cables are available compliant to IEC 62255-3 for data services up to 30 MHz.